Verify employment and income information instantly with 24/7 access to secure data.

Solutions for Verifiers

Employment Verifications
Verify an applicant’s current employment, including tenure with employer, start date, job title, and more.
Employment and Income Verifications
Verify an applicant’s employment history and income with data including tenure with employer, job title, gross income, pay frequency, and more. Income from previous years may be requested.

Key Benefits for Verifiers

Centralise the Verification Process

Ease administrative costs and burdens while gaining data consistency with access to current employment and income data received directly from employers and refreshed each payroll cycle.

Additional Data Helps Improve Decisions

Additional employment and income data points help you make improved risk decisions while centralising the verification process.

Help Reduce Applicant Fraud

Data provided directly from employers helps reduce fraud and borrower/applicant misrepresentation. Equifax allows only contracted and credentialled verifiers data access to increase compliance and keep employees’ information secure.

Direct Connections and Superior Service

As the industry leader, Equifax is positioned to immediately help streamline the secure transfer of information from employers to verifiers. If an applicant’s data is not instantly available, we connect with employers on your behalf for a seamless verification process.

Trusted Data Management And Security

Our best-in-class security provides the highest quality of data protection by incorporating risk-based authentication, data encryption, and custom access settings to empower businesses and consumers with information they can trust.
All verifiers go through a credentialing process. Each requested verification requires employee consent and all verifiers must have a permissible purpose to retrieve a verification of employment and income. 
Employment records are available instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so employees can apply for credit or benefits on their timeline. All verifications are handled in house, meaning there are no outsourced providers between the information verifiers need and the data employers provide. 
Connect Your Employer
If your employer is not currently utilising Verification Exchange, let us know. We’ll reach out to see if they’re interested in our services.