Secure, Fast Employment and Income Verifications

Offering streamlined, reliable solutions throughout the UK

What is Verification Exchange?

Verification Exchange from Equifax provides employment and income information that is fast, secure, and reliable. In many cases this information is needed in order to approve an application for housing, jobs, credit, and benefits.

Why Verification Exchange?

Reduce HR Involvement

Agencies and organisations requesting verifications no longer need to contact employers directly, leading to fewer manual verification requests to manage and lower associated administrative costs and burdens.

Faster, More Reliable Information for Verifiers

With instant verifications available 24/7, verifiers are able to increase accuracy of the decision process while reducing compliance risk.

Trusted Information Is Kept Secure

Personal data stays secure to help reduce risk while increasing accuracy of the decision process.

Services Offered By Verification Exchange


Verify the employment or income of an individual for your business. 


Outsource verifications for your company to eliminate calls, emails, and paperwork for your employees.


Manage your personal data and see what information is provided to verifiers when a verification is requested.


Find out how to partner with Verification Exchange to add additional value to your solution.

Connect Your Employer

If your employer is not currently utilising Verification Exchange, let us know. We’ll reach out to see if they’re interested in our services.